"Exactness" of Timeline

Among many other uses, I am exploring the use of WeVideo to create body percussion videos for our Music Teacher. Two questions have come from my exploration:

  1. Assuming a “block” of video, text, etc. is to be (exactly) 2 seconds in length, how exact is the final product (MP4) that is generated from WeVideo?
  2. Is a length of 00:01:24 the same as 00:02:00 (looking for exactly 2 seconds)?

Has anyone created body percussion videos using WeVideo and would like to share their work and findings?

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Hi Jim! Welcome to the WeVideo Community!!!

I have not done any body percussion videos but i do need to add that whatever length of block you have, your export will be exactly the same… unless you have something to the right of that block. I like to preview my video and make sure i didn’t leave anything wondering to the right of my work. Sometimes there is a special effect or a picture I moved to the right and forgot about it.